Building a Little Free Library in New York: Part 4

We have been following Giordi, an NY book fairy, on his quest to complete a Book Fairy Little Free Library in his home town of Bingham. Click here to start at Part 1. This is in Giordi’s own words.

Part 4: Finishing touches

With the bookshelf and vending machine completed, it was time to add some finer details to bring the piece together. I brainstormed ways with my fellow Book Fairies to see what we could add to really make it whole.

One of the first suggestions that came in was to add this bin for people to return the acorns to. I loved that idea, so I found one of the tin pals we had lying around, made a little logo for it, and badda bing!: acorn recycling bin created!

The next was the Fortune Bookies. These are our fun book twist on fortune cookies, as you might have already guessed. Instead of telling fortunes, though, I’ve collected some wonderful inspirational book quotes from some fairies, and they’ll be included in each acorn. 

And of course, we’ll have Book Fairy stickers, pins, buttons, tattoos, wristbands and more! I’ve also decided that I’ll be leaving out free stickers (vending machine is $.25) for those who made not have the spare change. The vending machine is really just a fun storage unit rather than some sort of money maker. 

The last and final piece was to add the list of selections from The Fairy Book Club and Our Shared Shelf. I printed up the selections on a vintage looking paper, and pasted them up on the vending machine walls. I thought this would allow for book readers to learn about both clubs, maybe join them, and of course leave copies to share here, too. 

The final unveiling!

We are so blown away by Giordi’s attention to detail and the amount of thought that went into this creation is incredible. Thank you Giordi. Thank you.

October 2019 update: We are devastated to have lost Giordi last month. At just 27, his unexpected death has rocked his local community and that of the book fairies around the world who knew him. In case you are able to give something towards his family, I’d like to share a link to the GoFundMe page for Giordi’s wife and 8 month old daughter here.

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