Mini book fairies in Cape Town welcome a book fairy to share the magic

A Cape Town Book Fairy Makes a School Visit!

We are delighted with this story from a book fairy in South Africa who was welcomed with open arms into a primary school, with the purpose of spreading some magic and inspiring these mini book fairies!

This story comes from Emelia, a book fairy in South Africa 🙂

Good morning, Miss… Book Fairy!

33 sets of wonder-filled eyes focused on me, eagerly  awaiting to learn more about the magic of book fairies and how they too can spread the love of books… How did this Cape Town book fairy come to be seated in front of these precious future mini book fairies? 

A few weeks ago a Cape Town Book Fairy planted My first book of Ballet at a store called the The Ballet Box and this endearing book was found by Amy Cobb, a grade six who was amazed at the discovery of book fairies in Cape Town.

But first… what is a mini book fairy?

A book fairy is someone who leaves books in public, with a sticker on the front which reads ‘take this book, read it, then leave it for the next person to enjoy’. The fairy will often wrap the book in ribbon to make it look like a gift, then float away without being seen. Mini book fairies are children who want to be part of the magic, hiding their favourite books as part of a family or school outing!

– The Book Fairies Worldwide

Attending the school party

At Amy’s insistence her mum, Mignon, contacted The Book Fairies and requested for the company of a book fairy at their school party.

I had the pleasure of attending the party which was so special and extremely joyful to see and feel the excitement of these kids in meeting a “real life book fairy” and the possibility of becoming a mini book fairy. 

Miss, do book fairies have wings?

I was introduced by none other than Amy Cobb, our beautiful book finder of  My First Book of Ballet. I went on and discussed the makings of being a book fairy and there were some brilliant questions: “Do the book fairies have wings?” “Do I have to wear a pair of wings to become a mini book fairy?” “Can we hide any book?” 

Each child was given a mini book fairy kit to prepare a book each brought with them and this they will do in their class. I also shared a short clip of “Hellos” from other book fairies across the world.

“The Book Fairies is a lovely concept that is so refreshing for the soul!

Children especially love the idea of being able to “hide” their book treasures for others to find.

A very warm thank you to our Cape Town Book Fairy for sharing her magic with our class! Book Fairies rule!”

~ Mignon Sergeant, party organiser

A beautiful thank-you from the children

I was so overwhelmed by the thrill and joy of these 12 year olds that were so eager to start their adventure of being mini book fairies. 

I  was pleasantly surprised when the children presented me with a thank you gift with the most amazing tag: “Bookfairies Rule (true)” and donated a box of books that I can’t wait to book-fairy, we took lots of photos and shared delicious cupcakes.

Grade 6E3 of Durbanville Primary, you Rock🧚🏽‍♂️⭐️

Would you like to get your school involved?

Children absolutely love being book fairies. Not only do they see it as setting up a treasure hunt, becoming magical beings and getting creative, it also shows them the sheer joy of giving. They learn to enjoy hiding treats for someone to find, learning not to expect a thank you as it’s part of the magic to be anonymous. If you want to get your children involved, or your school, head to the shop to stock up on official book fairy stickers and ribbons and maybe even badges that say ‘i believe in book fairies’. If you want to see if there is a book fairy near you who could come and visit, just get in touch!

A guide for mini book fairies

Feel free to use this guide as part of your book fairy fun!

mini book fairies in school

A big thank you to Emelia for this incredible story! Do you have a book fairy story to share? Or a book review to add to the blog? Email for a chance to feature!

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