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The Book Fairies and Pride in Harrogate, UK

One of the fairies in Harrogate headed to their local Pride event to spread some book fairy magic! Here is Beth and Eryn’s account of the event 🙂

Harrogate Book Fairies with Pride:

Last weekend, Pride hit Harrogate in style and we were lucky enough to have the chance to spread the love with some LGBTQ+ reading choices, all picked due to their positive LGBTQ+ themes or representation. Beth’s favourite pick was Grayson Perry’s autobiography, in which he describes his childhood wish to dress ‘like a girl’ but also his initial sense that he somehow needed to hide this. We had a fantastic day celebrating diversity, and also had the pleasure of meeting the faces behind @bookfairies_harrogate too.

Becoming book fairies:

For any book lover, being a Book Fairy would sound like the easiest (and possibly most exciting) thing in the world. Books? Sharing books with others? Opportunities to find new books to read? Sign me up! This was definitely Beth’s attitude when she became a book fairy well over a year ago, after spotting some book fairy posts on Instagram. She immediately ordered her stickers and tote bag and got started, spreading the bookish love across Harrogate, Knaresborough and beyond.

A book fairy in action!

Fast forward a few months, and Beth meets Eryn, a fellow book addict. To Eryn, book fairying sounds fantastic…until it actually comes to getting rid of books. Unlike Beth, Eryn is something of a hoarder and book fairying, whilst incredibly fun, can sometimes be a bit more of a challenge. She’s working on it, though, and getting to share books with the world is definitely an incentive to keep going!

Then, fast forward once more, to last weekend. It’s Pride in Harrogate and Beth and Eryn manage to rope their friend Caitlin into the mix. Another Harrogate based book fairy? We certainly hope so. Watch this space!

Thank you to Beth and Eryn to sharing their book fairy story! Do you have a story to tell? Email us on!

Would you like to join the book fairy magic?

Become a book fairy by getting together a few books you’d like to share, ordering some official stickers and gathering some ribbon to wrap them up in! Then? You’re all set to hide them in plain sight where you live and travel!

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