Flagler College become book fairies and hide books around their Florida campus

Book Fairies hide books around a Florida College Campus!

This is such a great story, reminiscent of Harry Potter! A Hogwarts-looking college have been spreading book fairy magic in Florida.

We were so excited to see some pictures online of students hiding books around an American college campus that we asked them if they could send us some pics and info! Here is their experience, in their own words.

Our Book Fairy Experience

The Flagler College Bookstore is an independent and family owned college bookstore.  We feel a lot of pride operating on the beautiful Flagler College campus in the heart of historic downtown St. Augustine.  We think it’s the best place! 

During the Summer, we have some extra time, and we wanted to do something fun.  We’d worked with Book Fairies before, but this time we decided to do a full week of book releases. We hid books by the campus pool, the local art museum, the library, the gardens, and the historic Ponce De Leon hotel (now the women’s dormitory). 

We chose the books from our very own bargain book selection.  We offer a variety of books for $5 – $15.  We chose books that are good for summer vacation reading and also picked one interactive children’s art book for any families that may have stumbled across it. 

We love to inspire reading!  We integrated this event with our #FlaglerReads campaign to promote students and professors to share their current read with us.  The students that remained on campus were very engaged with the book hunt.  One student spent over an hour searching the campus library.  She found The Corpus In the Library!  

We are excited about future possibilities with The Book Fairies!  It’s important to make our own magic.  #ibelieveinbookfairies

Thank you to Flagler College for sharing this fun experience! If you have a book fairy story you’d like to share, please email HQ on bookfairyemail@gmail.com!

Ready to become a book fairy?

Start hiding books in your neighbourhood! We pack everything by hand, no matter what you order, pop your address on and in the post it goes! We have free worldwide delivery on… absolutely… EVERYTHING! Also an awesome subscription box 🙂

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