A story about Grandma Book Fairy and her Mini Book Fairies

This is such an adorable story from some mini book fairies, who had a book-hiding adventure with their Grandma Amanda!

The Mini Book Fairy Adventure!

Mya and Effie became mini book fairies last summer after their grandma spotted a book wrapped in ribbon in Edinburgh, Scotland while on holiday. Unfortunately, it was behind locked park gates so she wasn’t able to pick it up but after ‘googling’ we came across the Book Fairies and decided to hide some books ourselves. It wasn’t long before their brothers and sisters wanted to join in the fun!

Brand new mini book fairies after receiving their official stickers!

The Souter Lighthouse

We now hide books wherever we go and recently had a lovely day out at the National Trust’s Souter Lighthouse in South Shields, North East England. The Lighthouse was opened in 1871 and was the first Lighthouse in the world designed and built to be powered by electricity. It has an amazing view from the top and we even saw some dolphins swimming by in the North Sea!!

The first book: Porky!

Our grandma left the first book, ‘Parky – My Autobiography: A Full and Funny Life’ just outside the lighthouse, at the entrance to a scenic, coastal walkway. We hope that someone enjoyed finding this book and maybe sat a while in the sunshine to read a few pages. 

Then some children’s books..

Then, we left 3 books for children around the lighthouse. The first book, Fairy Rescue by Gwyneth Rees, is an exciting story about Maddie who sets out on a mission to find the book fairies, dream fairies and tooth fairies who have all mysteriously vanished!

Next we left The Cat who Wanted to go Home by Jill Tomlinson in a seat made from an upturned boat! We think this is the perfect place to read the story of Suzy, a little striped cat, who lives in a French seaside village with a fisherman and climbs into the basket of a hot air balloon and is carried off over the channel to England! 

Hiding in the Wildlife Garden!

The Wildlife Garden seemed the most appropriate place for Pooh’s Bees published by Disney. We didn’t see many bees today but we saw plenty of butterflies! 

The mini book fairies then went on to the beautiful Victorian, South Marine Park, overlooking the sea and left 2 more books there. 

The Thingamabob by Il Sung Na was left in the care of one of the ‘Park Ladies’. The story is about a curious elephant who finds an umbrella and we think it looks like she could be holding an umbrella too! 

Thank you to Grandma Amanda and her mini book fairies for sharing this wonderful story of their fun hiding books! Have YOU got a story to share? Email Book Fairies HQ on bookfairyemail@gmail.com!

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Want to join in on the book fairy fun?

Book fairies come from all corners of the world, are all ages, and hide all kinds of books! If you want to join the fun, as a mini book fairy, a Grandma book fairy or anywhere in between, just get hold of your first pack of stickers and it starts there!

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