The Book Fairies hide translated title Transfer Window by Maria Gerhardt

Book Fairies up and down the UK were excited to hide this recently translated title for lucky finders! We love working with our friends at Nordisk Books and this book is no disappointment 🙂

We really enjoyed spreading this book around London because it’s such an interesting read. Here is the synopsis:

About Transfer Window, by Maria Gerhardt

The late Danish author Maria Gerhardt who died of cancer in 2017 wrote the acclaimed Transfer Window, which reimagines the wealthy suburbs of North Copenhagen as a giant hospice for the terminally ill. Everyone wears white. New-age nuns grow organic cannabis on the beach, and music is forbidden. In amongst it all come the crushing memories of life as a terminal cancer patient, while Gerhardt’s narrator and her friend Mikkel hang out, talk about the 80s and about which way they would prefer to die. 

Not lucky enough to find a book?

Do not worry! This book is so good that it’s being stocked in all major bookshops, and smaller bookshops can easily order it in! Also, Hive Books have copies here.

Would you like to be a book fairy?

To be a book fairy all you need is the urge to share some happiness, a pile of books you’d like to donate, and our official stickers! You can find them and some of our favourites below 🙂

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