book fairies travelling in switzerland

Travelling Book Fairies in Switzerland!

Recently three book fairies from the UK, Canada and Switzerland decided to meet up after becoming friends through sharing their book fairy adventures online.

Book Fairies explore the Swiss landscape

This Swiss book fairy had been telling her new fairy friends about the origins of Heidi, the famous children’s book, written by Johanna Spyri was based on the true story of Heidi Schwaller who went to live in the Swiss alps with her goat-herding Grandfather. After seeing her all book drop pictures on instagram with gorgeous Swiss backgrounds they decided to go and seek Heidi for themselves!

Book fairies follow the Heidi trail

The Swiss Book Fairies friends at Bergli Books donated 20 books for our fairies to drop on their hike, all to do with Swiss cultures and tradition, enhancing the cultural Heidi experience for any one else taking on the trail that day!

Lots of fun was to be had! When arriving at the Berg Station, they discovered the cutest little gondola’s to take them up the mountains. Decorated in gingham curtains, each with a copy of the Heidi book and filled with cuddly Marmots, goats and of course, Peter and Heidi.

Book fairies look out for goats

Along the route, you had to find each of Heidi’s Grandfather’s lost goats, each goat you found you marked off with a stamping card. You placed the card in the goats mouth, pulled on his horns and the goat, in true form, would take a little nibble on the card, laving you with a little indentation.
Along the trail you are met with breathtaking views, waterfalls, a bare-foot walk and a large swing to sit and admire your mountain top scenery.

Book fairies admire the scenery!

Suffice to say these fairies had an amazing adventure in the Swiss Alps and the Swiss fairy is in no doubt it won’t be the last visit for them! With so many great stories with origins based in Switzerland, why wouldn’t you want to take a visit? Rivendale was based on an actual location in Switzerland, you can go to Grindelwald (its a real place!) and the place where Sherlock Holmes met his end!

The Book Fairies thank Bergli books

They kindly donated copies of these titles:

  • O’ Switzerland
  • The Monster Book of Switzerland
  • Drink like the Swiss
  • The Trailing Spouse: Reimagined
  • Treasured Alps, Threatened Alps

Do you have any literary adventures in your country? Please feel free to share your book fairy literary adventures with us! Email with your pics and story 🙂

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