A Cincinnati Book Fairy hosts ‘Find the Swine Book Hunt’

One book fairy in Ohio took it upon themselves to create their own, very specialised, pig themed book fairy drop! Here is Amanda’s story.

Cincinnati has many nicknames; The City of Seven Hills, The Queen City and more famously, Porkopolis. The nickname Porkopolis was coined in the 1800’s when Cincinnati was the country’s largest hog packing center, and herds of pigs traveled the streets. The pig has become Cincinnati’s unofficial mascot.

You can find some sort of pig in just about any of Cincinnati’s various neighborhoods. It’s even recognized around the world with the Flying Pig Marathon. Participants in the Flying Pig Marathon represent all 50 states and 16 countries including Australia, Brazil and Malaysia.

To celebrate Cincinnati’s history and encourage others to get out and explore, a Cincinnati book fairy held a “Find the Swine Book Hunt” during Labor Day Weekend. Ten books were hidden throughout the city all near a pig. No, not literal pigs but murals, statues and signs.

Books included titles such as Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, Commonwealth by Ann Patchett, and The Vacationers by Emma Straub.

Locations were also selected to represent Cincinnati’s culture. Local favorite Eli’s BBQ and Kroger Headquarters were amongst the stops. Did you find a book?

Thank you to Amanda, a Cincinnati book fairy for not only sharing this story with us but also for setting up the Swine Book Hunt! We love seeing unique ways to hide books for strangers.

Would you like to join The Book Fairies?

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