book fairies in london hide A Letter from Sarah

A Letter from Sarah by Dan Proops is hidden by Book Fairies

This very special story from independent publishers Urbane Books was hidden by a team of 20 book fairies this September!

The Book Fairies hid HUNDREDS of copies of Dan Proop’s novel around the UK and… three of them contained very special prizes indeed. Three gold envelopes were secreted inside the books, and these envelopes contained real treasure – whopping great book tokens to spend in book shops around the country! If you were one of the lucky finders, please do let us know.

About the book:

Adam’s sister, Sarah has been missing for seven years, but he hasn’t given up hope of finding her.

He is a sculptor and lives with his bedridden father who is a bully and a curmudgeon. One morning, as the anniversary of Sarah’s disappearance nears, Adam receives a letter from her and she is apparentlyalive and well, living in New York.

Adam travels to Brooklyn to search for Sarah as he’s desperate to see her, but she seems determined to avoid him.

Sarah’s letters arrive weekly, but she continues to remain elusive.

Adam is perplexed by Sarah’s requests for secrecy, as is his father and his girlfriend, Cassandra.

He is determined to find her, whatever the cost to his wellbeing, health and sanity….

A Cornish book fairy makes a chaotic connection in a cafe

One of our book fairies in Cornwall met up with Chaos, a charity in the area that helps vulnerable adults get into the community. Our book fairy showed her appreciation of the charity by leaving some books in their community cafe!

A very special welcome to book fairy Dorothy

Our activity around A Letter from Sarah saw book fairy Dorothy join the book fairy team! At 90 years old, Dorothy is visited frequently by one of our Yorkshire book fairies, and was really keen to join in the fun. She is proud to be, as far we we know, our most senior fairy! Do we have a challenger? Let us know on

Share your first page

We encourage book fairies and readers around the world to share a pic of the first page of the book they’re reading with our hashtag #shareyourfirstpage. Here is the first page from Dan Proop’s book!

Didn’t find a copy this time?

Don’t worry! Copies of A Letter from Sarah are available in many book shops, and even on the Hive Books website here.

Would you like to join The Book Fairies?

It’s easy! Anyone can be a book fairy. You can join this incredible community of book lovers and sharers. Just grab some official book fairy stickers and maybe a tote bag, get a pile of books ready to go, and start spreading the magic in your area or on your travels!

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