The Fairy Book Club: reading Waiting by Ha Jin

On our quest around the world, the Fairy Book Club is now making a stop in China! Our read for October & November is Waiting, by Ha Jin.

A Fairy Book Club giveaway!

Our friends at World of Books have put aside a whopping 21 copies of Waiting by Ha Jin, for Fairy Book Club members! Make sure to join the club on Goodreads.

The giveaway is now closed, and our 21 winners will receive their books soon!

About the book:

For more than seventeen years, Lin Kong, a devoted and ambitious doctor, has been in love with an educated, clever, modern woman, Mannu Wu. But back in the traditional world of his home village lives the wife his family chose for him when he was young. Every year he visits her in order to ask, again and again, for a divorce. In a culture in which the ancient ties of tradition and family still hold sway and where adultery discovered by the Party can ruin lves forever, Lin’s passionate love is stretched ever more taut by the passing years. Every summer, his compliant wife agrees to a divorce but then backs out. This time, Lin promises, will be different.Tracing these lives through their summer of decision and beyond, Ha Jin vividly conjures the texture of daily life in a place where the demands of human longing must contend with the weight of centuries of wisdom.

One thought on “The Fairy Book Club: reading Waiting by Ha Jin

  1. Salsarah says:

    Oooh I’d love to be in with a chance to win one of the 21 copies of ‘Waiting’ by Ha Jin donated by Workd of Books ☺️💚☺️

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