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The Garden of Lost and Found… and The Book Fairies

Our UK Book Fairies had a treat when they hid copies of The Garden of Lost and Found by Jennifer Evans up and down the country in the sunshine!

Book fairies up and down the UK had a great opportunity to discover green spaces in their neighbourhoods and really showcase this beautiful book – The Garden of Lost and Found, by Harriet Evans.

From nature reserves to city river walks, the book fairies found perfect places to leave copies of this beautiful book. Dressed in all manner of colourful ribbons and adorned by our official book fairy sticker, these books waited for lucky finders around the UK.

Copies of Harriet Evans’ new book were hidden in Yorkshire, Cornwall, London, Kent, Falkirk, Devon, the North East and Glasgow – and Headline Books even featured the pics on their instagram story!

Books found!

We were thrilled to have so many messages from book finders. Here is just one of the posts:

Share your first page

When a book fairy starts a new read, they are encouraged to share a photo of the first page – here is the post for The Garden of Lost and Found, suitably adorned with ivy and pink flowers!

As well as simply finding beautiful spots to hide the books, book fairies also had a think about how they could loop in the plot with the locations they chose. Some fairies in Scotland sought out a painting by Scottish artist Edward Atkinson Hornel as he was one of the inspirations for one of the characters in Harriet Evan’s book!

Books hidden in a special spot in Scotland

“I feel really teary seeing these pics. I love Hornel and we go to his house every year when we’re at our caravan in Dumfriesshire. So to see the book next to one of his pictures when he was one of the inspirations for the painter in the book… amazing thanks so much guys x”

Not lucky this time?

If you weren’t lucky enough to find a book, you can always grab a copy from a good bookshop, or maybe order a copy from Hive – a website which supports independent booksellers. Every single day, remember to look for a book as you never know, a book fairy may be operating in your area…

Want to join the book fairy fun?

We would love for you to join us! We aren’t only in the UK – we are WORLDWIDE!! Anyone can join in – you just need to have a desire to share the magic! Here are some links to get you started 🙂

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