book mother of all jobs is hidden by book fairies in the uk

The Mother of All Jobs – hidden around the UK!

Book Fairies in the UK had a treat to hide at the beginning of September!

About The Mother Of All Jobs:

It’s time for a different conversation about working and parenting. As our working days get ever longer and our phones keep so many of us glued to work, the needs of our children and the world of school and childcare has not changed at all. School summer holidays are still longer than our annual leave. Working mothers everywhere are tearing themselves apart, trying to meet the needs of their children, their relationships and their careers and too often feeling like they are failing. So is there a solution?

When Christine Armstrong became a mother, it never occurred to her that she would want to give up her job. But the truth is, combining work and small kids is hard, and when Christine tried it, she found herself desolate with misery. Determined to find a way forward, she looked for answers by interviewing other working mums and found that she wasn’t alone.

The Mother of All Jobs brings together the wisdom of the women who opened up about everything (and we mean everything) into a manifesto for happy professional families. Ignoring the glossy lives presented on social media, this book shows that, while it’s not always pretty, working parents can thrive if they have the knowledge others learnt the hard way.

Book Fairies enjoyed hiding Christine Armstrong’s book for parents and hope that whoever found a copy enjoys reading it! If you weren’t lucky enough to find one, you can order your copy on the Hive Books site!

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