Will you be joining us for Book Fairy Classics?

We are SO EXCITED to announce that this weekend will be our THIRD celebration of #BookFairyClassics, and yes, we will be hiding classic books all over the world… and inviting you to join us 💚

Also! Watch this space for a very exciting new Book Fairy Challenge 🎉

We all have a book on our shelf that we come back to again and again. That book that you love and cannot stop reading. That book to which your favourite quotes belong. Yes, we are talking about classics.

We have been reliably informed that a book can be classed as a classic if it was written over 50 years ago and the author is no longer alive… however we do think it’s up to the reader as to whether or not a book is a classic – so YOU tell US what you’ll be hiding! All you need are some classic novels, your official book fairy stickers and maybe a beautiful ribbon to really make it special!

Do you have a classic book that you want to share? Join us and share a pic with the hashtag #BookFairyClassics! We completely understand that you may not want to give away your favourite classic, and that’s absolutely lovely – but we would still like to ask you to share a pic!

Some fairies are preparing…

These book fairies have already started getting ready for our Book Fairy Classics weekend! What will YOU hide?

Want to join the Book Fairy magic?

We would love you to join us! As well as events like Book Fairy Classics, we also hide books every day around the world! We need YOU to help us get more books to more lucky finders! With the official book fairy sticker you can be sure that your book is capable of travelling the world, being read by many fairies. Start your book fairy journey today!

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