childrens books hidden by book fairies - the curse of the mystery mutt

Dog Diaries: The Curse of the Mystery Mutt hidden by Book Fairies

This beautiful children’s book made its journey around the UK looking for mini finders to enjoy the fun story!

The Book Fairies absolutely loved having the chance to hide copies of this beautiful little book. We were excited to see them being found up and down the UK!

From Oxford to Oldham, Liverpool to London, books were hidden in plain sight for lucky finders!

About the book:


Something terrible is going on, my person-pal! Something so DREADFUL, it’s enough to curl your tail with TERROR (if you have one, of course)… A spine-jangling HOWLING has been heard in the middle of the night, favorite toys have been STOLEN, trash bags have been SHREDDED and all the best pee-spots have been RE-SCENTED!

It must have something to do with the NIGHT OF THE HOWLY WIENER, which is only days away… Can I find the evil mastermind who is TERRIER-izing our town?!

Not lucky enough to find a copy?

Don’t worry! You can order a copy of Dog Diaries: The Curse of the Mystery Mutt from the Hive Books website.

Would you like to become a book fairy?

We would love to welcome you to the book fairy family! If you have a pile of books you’d like to give to others, in a super creative way, then just grab your first set of official stickers (free worldwide delivery!) and get started!

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