The Book Fairies in Cornwall work with charity Chaos UK

On Wednesday the 9th of October 2019, a special event was held to bring together vulnerable members of the community in Cornwall UK, and to create new book fairies.

Chaos and Book Fairies come together

The Chaos group contacted one of our Cornish book fairies and together they organised an event in which anybody could come along to their Chaos café in Truro, and become a book fairy! The café offered free coffee and cake, and the book fairy provided 90 books which were personalised with a special message, wrapped in ribbon and then given out to visitors of the café to hide after the event! There was lots of excited new book fairies, and to share the beautiful message of the book fairies with such an incredible organisation was wonderful.

What is the Chaos group?

The Chaos group provide opportunities for vulnerable and disadvantaged members of the community, helping them find their next chapter, engaging them in meaningful activities and delivering employable opportunities to support them in accessing work. They have a café, a farm, a beauty and hair salon, a creative aspect involving digital and traditional marketing, and a radio station, as well as working with care homes and other organisations, such as ‘stayathome cornwall’ to provide support and positivity. They have a logo of a red butterfly as they use chaos theory to describe how life can be so changeable, and their message is just wonderful, “We are passionate about inclusion and accessibility within the community and continue to push cultural barriers to prevent stigmatisation of disability”. They also have community fridges and zero waste initiatives, as well as green workshops, which the book fairies could not be more thrilled to be working with.

What happened at the event?

The event! We were so lucky to have so many people show up and support ‘the Chaos book fairies’ and the collaboration in which we hope to have many more successful events across all of their branches! Not only did we have members of the public come in, but we had support groups of the Chaos café come in and join the book fairies!

What’s next for this partnership?

Next up, we’re hoping to get book fairy books into care homes to not only allow the residents to have some new reading material, but it will be used to support the carers and family members of those residents who sometimes get overlooked with their struggles. The book fairy cannot wait to work with the Chaos group again and stay at home Cornwall!

Other aspects the book fairy is getting involved in, is acquiring children’s books to go to the Syrian refugees which the Chaos group already work with, as well as providing books for the women in refuges! We admire the Chaos group for all those they help, and the organisations they work with,
and we cannot wait to work along side them to try and share some happiness with books!

If you’d like to help out with this new collaboration, then please follow the Cornish book fairy on social media “Official Cornish Book Fairy” on facebook, and @bookfairies_cornwall on Instagram. Also check out the Chaos group on the website


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