Book fairies hide Trickys autobiography in London and Bristol

Tricky’s autobiography hidden by book fairies in London and Bristol!

The Book Fairies were lucky enough to have Tricky’s autobiography, Hell is Round the Corner, to hide around London and his home town, Bristol!

Adrian Nicholas Matthews Thaws, better known by his stage name Tricky, is an English record producer, rapper and actor… and now… writer! Some book fairies were lucky enough to hide copies of his autobiography on the day of its release!

Hiding books in London and Bristol…

Bristol is Tricky’s home town, so some book fairies had the honour of hiding his autobiography in many well known places! Do you recognise any of these locations?

About the book:

Tricky is one of the most original music artists to emerge from the UK in the past 30 years.

His signature sound, coupled with deep, questioning lyrics, took the UK by storm in the early 1990s and was part of the soundtrack that defined the post-rave generation. This unique, no-holds barred autobiography is not only a portrait of an incredible artist – it is also a gripping slice of social history packed with extraordinary anecdotes and voices from the margins of society.

Tricky examines how his creativity has helped him find a different path to that of his relatives, some of whom were bare-knuckle fighters and gangsters, and how his mother’s suicide has had a lifelong effect on him, both creatively and psychologically.

With his unique heritage and experience, his story will be one of the most talked-about music autobiographies of the decade.

Did you find a copy?

If you found a copy hidden by a book fairy, please let us know! You can tag us on social media and use #ibelieveinbookfairies! If you were not lucky enough this time, grab your copy from Hive Books here.

Would you like to be a book fairy?

It’s easy enough to get started! Get a pile of books together that you’d like to hide, grab some official book fairy stickers, find some ribbon, and get going!

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