author in bulgaria meets book fairies to hide her books

Book Fairy for a Day in Bulgaria: Camellia Kutcher

Across the globe, book fairies meet up with authors who would like to be a ‘book fairy for a day’ – and this story is from Bulgaria, with author Camellia Kutcher!

Book Fairy for a Day in Sofia

The Book Fairies are always THRILLED when different authors, libraries, bookshops and publishers are excited to become a part of book fairies and help us spread the love of books! Recently as a Book Fairy For A Day, Camillia Kutcher joined our official book fairy in Bulgaria to hide copies of her new book “Night” around Sofia!

The Book Fairies welcome author Camellia Kutcher as Book Fairy for a Day

An Author becomes a Book Fairy!

October 11th turned out to be a great sunny autumn day for book drops in Sofia! Bulgarian writer Camellia Kutcher and our official book fairy in the country, Ilka, joined forces and made several new readers very happy. Camellia Kutcher just released her second novel “Night” on October 10 th . She prepared three copies of her brand new book to hide at central locations in Sofia, starting with the National Theater Ivan Vazov. The other books were left at the Vassiveli Brothers stand nearby, and at the Slaveikov Square.

Adding a personal touch

The author wrote inside her book while she was Book Fairy for a Day!

Camellia wrote personal messages in all the books. She also prepared another surprise book to hide – one of her favourite novels “Confessions” by Jaume Cabré. The novel is already out of print in Bulgaria and Camellia hid her personal copy. “Confessions” was hidden at another popular place in Sofia, the Eternal Flame.

Camillia hides her favourite book at The Eternal Flame in Sofia, Bulgaria

“I have followed the book fairies for some time and loved hiding books today! The whole experience is so positive and rewarding! I will do it again”

Camellia Kutcher, Book Fairy for the Day

About Camillia’s book:

Set in Rome in 1943 and Umbria in 1991, “Night” tells the story of Vitorio who, as a young boy, dreamed of becoming part of the world of his beloved Eva, and shares his story years later when he is reminded of Eva. This is a book about courage and fear, friendship and the price of happiness, a story about the life choices we make and the power of love. Finally, this is a story about betrayal, forgiveness and self-forgiveness.

“We always love working with authors. Hiding books with Camellia today was a true pleasure”

Ilka, Official Book Fairy for Bulgaria

Thank you to Ilka, our Official Book Fairy of Bulgaria, for sharing this wonderful story about her day with author Camillia Kutcher in Sofia.

Are you an author?

If you would like to get involved with the book fairies, hide your books and maybe even meet a fairy so that you can be a Book Fairy for a Day, please get in touch on with your name, your book title and also your location. Alternatively, you can find your nearest official book fairy by searching “book fairies [location]” on instagram!

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