The Book Fairies celebrate the film release of Knives Out.. in an unusual way!

When the fictional character of a film is an author, what better than to create his last novella and hide it? Oh and did we mention… he’s the one who gets murdered…

How did The Book Fairies celebrate the Knives Out film release?

Well, we clearly had to give out a book, but what book do you hide when the film isn’t based on one? That’s where Lionsgate came in! One of the characters in the book, Harlan Thombey, is a well renowned author and while he is murdered in the story (don’t worry, that’s not a spoiler!), Lionsgate decided to write and publish his last novella, Hook, Line & Sinker, which is mentioned in the film!

Where were the books hidden?

This was a Lionsgate UK initiative so our UK book fairies had the chance to seek out movie posters, cinemas, and locations with a marine theme! They really did have a lot of fun with this one.

Knives Out… the trailer

If this doesn’t make you want to rush to the cinema to watch it, we don’t know what will.

This campaign was great fun! It really allowed us to use our imagination when thinking about where to hide the books. It is such a great way to promote a new movie and I can’t wait to see it!

The Official Book Fairy for Edinburgh, UK

Book fairies hid Hook, Line & Sinker far and wide, and you can see all their posts for this particular campaign here on instagram.

About Knives Out!

The plot of the movie Knives Out!

Wealthy crime novelist Harlan Thrombey invites his extended family to his remote mansion on his 85th birthday in hopes of reuniting them all due to the family’s dysfunctional history. The next morning, however, Harlan’s housekeeper Fran finds him dead in his study.

The police, along with experienced private eye Benoit Blanc, are called in to investigate. Throughout a series of interviews with members of the family, secrets are revealed as well as possible motives for murder. Richard, Harlan’s son-in-law, was discovered to have cheated on his wife Linda, Harlan’s daughter, with Harlan threatening to expose him. Joni, Harlan’s daughter-in-law and wife of his deceased son Neil, was exposed by Harlan after she stole $400,000 from him by sourcing duplicate checks meant for her daughter, Megan, to a private bank account. Walter, Harlan’s youngest son, was fired from his father’s publishing company during the birthday party. Ransom, Linda and Richard’s son, had discovered he’d been cut out of the will entirely…

You can find out more about the film here on the Lionsgate website.

Will you be seeing the movie this week?

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