A Modern Witch’s Guide to Happiness – hidden by Book Fairies

This unusual life-affirming self-help book was hidden around the UK on the day of the general election – a lovely distraction!

From London to the outer Hebrides, this beautiful book was hidden by book fairies for some lucky strangers to find!

About the book:

It’s time to give your inner witch a voice. Unlock the magick of modern witchcraft and infuse your every day with happiness.

This is your essential spiritual guide to happiness.

Including everything you need to know to become a modern witch, from working with tarot cards and healing crystals, to taking direction from the stars, this book will teach you how to harness the power of the natural world, dispel toxic energy and develop your own psychic ability to find happiness.

Illustrated throughout and containing simple yet effective practical tips and tricks, self-care rituals and cleansing spells for the everyday, this treasure chest of a book will empower you to live your life to the fullest.

Summon your inner goddess, re-connect with yourself and take control of your happiness.

Not lucky enough to find one?

Don’t panic! You can find copies in many good book shops and also here on Hive Books – a site which supports independent shops!

Would you like to become a book fairy?

Anyone can be a book fairy, anywhere around the world! If you’d like to hide books where you live, please start by ordering your official book fairy stickers. Every order, now matter how big or small, comes with a book fairy guide!

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