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How To Be More Tree – Book Fairies hide treats in nature!

The book fairies were excited to share copies of How to be More Tree in as many bushy and branchy places as possible!

This beautiful little book was an absolute delight to hide around the place. We thought it would be great to show you the first page and cover in more detail!


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About How To Be More Tree:

This beautifully illustrated book brings together sixty essential life lessons inspired by the infinite wisdom of trees.

Trees do not have brains to think with, or nervous systems that cause them to feel things, and yet they are undeniably clever. From their ability to adapt, to their understanding of the strength of networks and mutually beneficial relationships, they put us to shame with their natural ability to thrive, even when they find themselves in less than ideal environments.

How to Be More Tree brings together sixty universal life lessons taken from the infinite wisdom of trees. We learn about the importance of asking for help when you need it from elms, who call in an army of parasitic wasps when they’re being attacked by caterpillars; from acacias, who look out for each other by producing a gas when they’re being nibbled on by herbivores to warn their nearby friends; and the Chinese pistache shows us the power in pacing yourself.

From the importance of patience, to drawing strength from others, to weathering the storm, to dealing with life’s most persistent irritants – this is a celebration of the heroes of the forest, and an essential companion for dipping into when we need a little inspiration.

Didn’t find a copy?

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Would you like to join The Book Fairies?

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