heidi hidden in the uk by book fairies and published by Nosy Crow

The Book Fairies hide children’s classic Heidi for Christmas!

Day 6 of our Book Fairy Advent saw Heidi being hidden by book fairies around the UK!

About the book:

When five-year-old orphan Heidi is sent to live in the Swiss Alps with grumpy Grandpa, the rest of the village take pity on her.

But Heidi soon discovers that her grandpa is gentle and kind behind his scowl, and she loves her new life running wild in the mountains with the goats, the flowers and her best friend Peter.

That is, until Heidi is forced to move far away to the soot and smoke of Frankfurt to be the companion to an unwell girl.

Will she ever return to her true home in the mountains?

The Book Fairies absolutely loved hiding copies of this children’s classic! We hope that many more children will enjoy the beautiful story of Heidi, and pass it on to their friends, maybe hide it in plain sight for the next family to find!

Book found!

We love hearing from book finders! If you find a book, please let us know by adding #ibelieveinbookfairies to your social media post or by emailing us on bookfairyemail@gmail.com!


Not lucky enough to find a book?

If you didn’t find a copy of Heidi, you can find one in all good bookshops – and also on the Hive Books website here!

Would you like to join The Book Fairies?

Anyone can be a book fairy! We would love to see which books you choose to hide where you live. First up, order some official stickers below – and next? Get together a pile of books and some ribbon to wrap them up in!

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