A Toronto Book Fairy celebrates Lewis Carroll’s Birthday!

We were thrilled to see so many people celebrating our third celebration of ‘Book Fairies in Wonderland’!

This is in Katherine’s own words:

I am a new Toronto book fairy and it was so much fun gathering books for the celebration of Lewis Carroll’s birthday. I had a bunch of donations from my Little Free Library and friends and neighbors. I found a few in a used bookstore, as well. I wrote notes for each book I placed and I made bookmarks for each book, as well. I suffer from the condition of being over-enthusiastic. There’s no cure.

I wanted to cover the entire city, not just one neighbourhood, with Lewis Carroll books because I believe in what the book fairies are doing. Sharing books and hopefully, cultivating a love of books that maybe was not there before someone receives a free book, is my passion. I think books can change lives in the simplest and most complex ways. My fairy helper and I decided to drop books at community centres and the entrances to public libraries. We focused on getting to as wide of an area of Toronto as we could. We placed 20 books. It took about 7 hours because Toronto is huge…huger than I realized but man, I love my city even more after today.

We got such a great response from so many people today who were very appreciative of the book fairies. We got shout outs from our drops at Downsview and the Waterfront. We got a super excited post from a lady who was beyond thrilled to find a gorgeous illustrated copy of Alice In Wonderland.  We even got a note from the Head Librarian at the Weston Public Library who brought our book inside, worried it might get snowed on. To quote her in describing how she felt about what book fairies do, “I am all about this”.  In the spirit of Alice who said, “The question is whether you can make words mean so many different things.” It was a curiouser and curiouser day full of muchness, totally mad in the very best way possible and by the end of the day I had begun to think that very few things indeed were really impossible.

Thank you, Katherine, for your wonderful story from Book Fairies in Wonderland!

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