book fairies in isolation

Book Fairies in Isolation

This is a strange period of time for every single person in the world. So let’s try to keep providing random acts of kindness when they are needed more than ever!

We have created these little green cards for book fairies to post on their social media accounts and elsewhere, for those who would like to keep it going! Please use the hashtag #bookfairiesinisolation to share what you’re getting up to!

Another way to be a book fairy in times like these is to prepare books with our stickers, ribbons and lovely notes inside! Think off all the details you can add to the books – and how excited people will be to find them when we are heading outside again!

We love the story below from a book fairy in Montreal, Quebec, Canada:

Please comment below with your thoughts, too 🙂

The Book Fairy Shop

Our book fairy shop is currently still open! As long as the post offices are, we are. So it might be a good time to stock up on your favourites!

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