book fairies in isolation give colouring kits to children

Book Fairies in Isolation: a friendly neighbour leaves a gift!

Our amazing book fairies are finding creative ways to spread the book fairy magic during this period of isolation!

Colouring print-outs

Some of our incredible fairies and fans created some line drawings for book fairies in isolation to print out and colour in! Click here to find the print-outs.

One of our book fairies had an amazing idea! They printed out the line drawings from the website, and put them in a package along with colouring pencils and some plain paper. The fairy then added a few book fairy stickers, tied it all up together, and left the package on the doorstep of a family that lives nearby!

Mini book fairies colouring in

We are so blown away by seeing these!!! Fairies are the best things to colour in as you can use all sorts of different varieties of colours on their wings!

Orla and Wren in Petersfield, UK, had a lovely time colouring in their book fairies and cannot wait to hide books once the restrictions have been lifted!

The mini book fairies’ final artwork

Wow wow wow! We are so impressed with Orla and Wren’s artwork!

If you like the idea of colouring in some line drawings of book fairies, here is the blog entry where you can print them off.

Would you like to be a book fairy?

Anyone can be a book fairy! All you need is a pile of books, some official book fairy stickers, and the desire to spread the magic of reading. It doesn’t matter what age you are, where you are in the world, and we even have lots of different languages on the stickers! Every single order from the book fairy website comes with a guide to how you can get started.

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