Book Fairies in Isolation: some miracle workers in West Lothian, Scotland

Nothing will stop us book fairies from sharing some great reads within our neighbourhoods. Sheer determination is behind the effort of this book fairy in West Lothian, Scotland 🙂

A happy delivery driver collecting the books before adding them to boxes going to isolated people in West Lothian 🙂

Getting the books ready!

Our book fairy in West Lothian has been filling her home up with crates and crates of donated books, adding our book fairy sticker and prepping them to add to the boxes for isolated neighbours in West Lothian. Look how many books were collected on this day alone!

An extract from the coverage in The Daily Record:

West Lothian’s book fairy has teamed up with Boghall Drop-in Centre to make sure locals are still being served up their favourite literary classics.

The West Lothian Courier recently revealed how the county’s local book fairy – MoMo – had been leaving used books lying around in random places for the general public to find.

“Over 1000 titles have been donated by the amazing book fairy, who has sprinkled the books with love, and these are also going in parcels.”

– Volunteer, Boghall Drop-In Centre

Thank you to Boghall Drop-in Centre

Our West Lothian book fairy is thrilled to be working with this local organisation to help get essential supplies and books to people in the neighbourhood. We are so proud of our book fairy for helping!

Would you like to be a book fairy?

Join thousands of book fairies around the world who (when possible!) hide books in public for lucky strangers to stumble upon! All you need is some official book fairy stickers, some pretty ribbon and a pile of books you want to give away! Also, see our Book Fairies in Isolation posts for ideas of activities in this period of time.

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