The Book Fairy Box: a Look Back at our March/April 2020 Edition

It’s time to reveal the contents of our last Book Fairy Box!

Our Book Fairy Box subscribers found the following goodies in their March / April 2020 edition, and we have a few left on the shop here!

What’s in the box?

We had so much fun putting this box together! As ever, we chose a great paperback, included a secondhand paperback (from World of Books) and a load of exclusives and eco goodies!

  • New Book: Let’s Hope for the Best by Caroline Setterwell
  • Secondhand Book from World of Books
  • Letter from a Book Fairy in Portugal
  • The Book Fairy Blend – tea tin
  • Solid Deodorant
  • “Book Fairy Face” glitter
  • Book Fairy Survival Kit
  • Toothpaste Tabs
  • Mesh Grocery Bag

The Featured Book: Let’s Hope For The Best

We chose this non-fiction memoir for our March/April box. It’s published by Bloomsbury Books and here is the blurb on the back:

After the unexpected death of her partner, Carolina Setterwall found herself bereft and rudderless at thirty-six, faced with the seemingly impossible task of raising her son alone.

In this remarkable Swedish memoir about grief and guilt, memory and intimacy, she explores the nature of bereavement itself – the difficulty of learning to live with the ones we love, and the trials of living without them.

Book Fairy Box Item: letter from a book fairy

We always include a hand-written note from a book fairy. This is because we are one big family, and we just love sharing with others! This one is from a book fairy in Portugal 🙂

Book Fairy Box Item: The Book Fairy Blend

Something we have wanted to do for a long time is include some good tea in the box, as we do think there is nothing quite as good as reading with a good cup of tea beside you! We concocted this blend and added a beautiful design, thanks to one of our London fairies!

We were thrilled to hear that people enjoyed the blend, which we recommend to be steeped for 2 – 3 minutes and enjoyed with milk! We included three compostable tea bags, too 🙂

The Book Fairy blend is whole-leaf Earl Grey, with a dash of smokey Lapsang Souchong. We might release this as an item on it’s own in the Book Fairy shop at some point!

Book Fairy Box item: solid deodorant

Another gem from Battle Green. Each balm comes in a plastic-free and biodegradable cardboard tube that can be recycled when it’s all used up – an eco-friendly alternative to so many plastic deodorant tubes that sit in landfill for decades (after all, only 9% of plastic ends up being recycled). To use, evenly push up the cardboard disk at the base of the tube to reveal your desired amount of balm, and apply to your underarms. A pea-sized amount is usually about right!

Book Fairy Box item: biodegradable glitter

We launched #BookFairyFace in this box! Yes, this is a little bit of indulgence, but we wanted to encourage fairies to celebrate our third birthday in a fun way! What better way to stay anonymous than to create a beautiful book fairy design on your face? It’s cosmetic-grade biodegradable glitter and we recommend using aloe vera gel to apply it, as it’s natural and also wipes off easily! All glitters, regardless of biodegradability, should be disposed of in the bin with a biodegradable wet wipe, rather than washed into the water systems.

We dressed our glitter up in a tiny glass vial, carefully packed inside a little cardboard suitcase! Inside the vial… there is a handwritten, hidden message! Some written by book fairies, some written by mini book fairies!

Book Fairy Box item: toothpaste tabs

The majority of plastic toothpaste tubes still end up in landfill. This is a zero waste, natural alternative – and easy to travel with! Blended with key ingredients such as fluoride, bicarbonate of soda and silica for thorough cleansing and microcrystalline cellulose to help prevent and remove plaque. Just pop a tab in your mouth, chew it a little, wet your toothbrush and brush as normal!

Thank you to Pig and Pug!

Book Fairy Box item: Mesh Grocery Bag

The weightless bag was used to parcel up the other goodies in the box!

This is a weightless (well, pretty much) bag to weigh and hold loose grocery items, like tomatoes! Also can be put in the fridge with the loose items inside. Can also be put in the washing machine at a low temperature! Just carry one in your bag and look out for loose vegetables to save on the packaging! We are impressed with Sainsbury’s for introducing this idea in stores.

Pics from our subscribers!

Here are some pics from social media from our Book Fairy Box subscribers, showing off their March/April boxes! If you would like this edition of the box, you can grab your one-off box here.

If you would like to subscribe to the Book Fairy Box you can click here to sign up and get a new box every two months!

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