anstey harris new book where we belong sent by the book fairies

Where We Belong – sent to book fairies in isolation!

As part of our bid to continue spreading book fairy magic, we sent Anstey Harris’ new book out to homes up and down the UK!

We were so excited to bring some magic to our #bookfairiesinisolation this week with this new title from Anstey Harris – Where We Belong!

About ‘book fairies in isolation’:

The Book Fairies normally would be hiding books around the world, but in the current circumstances we are finding new ways to share the magic! Through global ‘fairy book swaps’ to nationwide postal giveaways, we are determined to keep sharing great reads.

About the book:

One summer. One house. One family learning to love again. Cate Morris and her son, Leo, are homeless, adrift.

They’ve packed up the boxes from their London home, said goodbye to friends and colleagues, and now they are on their way to ‘Hatters Museum of the Wide Wide World – to stay just for the summer.

Cate doesn’t want to be there, in Richard’s family home without Richard to guide her any more. And she knows for sure that Araminta, the retainer of the collection of dusty objects and stuffed animals, has taken against them.

But they have nowhere else to go. They have to make the best of it. But Richard hasn’t told Cate the truth about his family’s history. And something about the house starts to work its way under her skin. Can she really walk away, once she knows the truth?

Not lucky enough this time?

That’s ok! Bookshops will be open for business again soon, but if you cannot wait, then grab your copy from Hive Books here!

Some of our lucky winners:

Would you like to be a book fairy?

We would love for you to join us! Head to our shop to find our official stickers and other literary gifts! We cannot wait to see which books you choose to hide – and where you hide them!

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