Green Book Fairies #12: Let’s Talk About… Travel!

Today’s focus is travel! Both domestic and international travel can be approached in a green way – so let’s see how we can reduce the impact we have…

Let’s Talk About… Travel!

Welcome to day 12 of the #GreenBookFairies and today we are talking about travel! As well as reducing our plastic pollution, we are also looking at other ways to be more green.

Many of us have noticed that nature has enjoyed the last few months – less pollution means greener trees, more birds, more fish in the water. It is incredible to see up close the effect we are having by choosing to take private transport. Today we are going to look at why and how we should switch to other modes of transport!

The current situation has forced many to do more exploring in the countries they live in, which is a fantastic opportunity to discover hidden gems on your doorstep without travelling thousands of miles!

The problem:

Air pollution kills an estimated seven million people worldwide every year. WHO data shows that 9 out of 10 people breathe air containing high levels of pollutants. If it’s doing this to humans, can you imagine how it affects other creatures and plants?

Single-use plastic is rife when it comes to travel as food and drink is centred on ‘convenience’.

The solution:

  • On yer bike! Cycling is a green and healthy alternative to driving, where it’s safe to do so. You can have a big basket or rack at the back, and you have less problems finding a parking spot! In some cities, you can be part of a cycle hire scheme, for your commute – worth asking your employer if it’s an option
  • Public transport – when buses and trains are already going to where you want to be, why not jump on? You can get trains for very long distances for bigger trips, and it can be fun to plan your journeys around them!
  • If it’s a larger trip, and you can afford to, see what options there are for trains, buses, coaches or ferries – while these often take longer than one flight, but make the journey part of the adventure AND save yourself hours at an airport! Sometimes there are sleeper trains, which really are a treat 🙂
  • Refuse single-use plastic: don’t have plane or train food – instead take your own; offer up your mug or bottle and cutlery before accepting disposables on your journey; take a few washable cloths to wipe out reusable items

The benefits:

  • Flexibility – if you choose anything other than a flight, you often have flexibility around timings so that it works for you
  • Relaxation – you can properly relax on a long train journey, with space to stretch your legs, read and work a little

Websites to check out:

The Ultimate Eco-Travel Guide from The Blonde Abroad.

Top Ten Tips for Eco-Friendly Travel from World Nomads.

Top tip! Invest in a good quality backpack. The one pictured is made from banana skins!

Please COMMENT with any travel tips you have for keeping green!

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