Green Book Fairies #15: Let’s Talk About… Saving Money!

It’s a common misconception that “being green” is reserved for the those who can afford to be. BUT! Doing the right thing really doesn’t have to cost the earth

Let’s Talk About… Saving Money!

As part of Green Book Fairies & Plastic Free July, we are going to tackle the myth that only those with spare cash are able to choose eco alternatives – because the truth is, it really doesn’t cost the earth 😉

The problem:

When you start switching some of your habits to be more eco conscious, you may see shiny and new eco products – and some really are fab, but can be pricey! With the relative low cost of plastic, it can be hard to justify making changes that you worry will negatively affect your bank balance.

The solution:

Turning down items in plastic, such as soft drinks and prepared fruit, will save you a tonne of money right away. But remember, you don’t have to do everything at once. Take your time to switch out one thing at a time, otherwise it can be overwhelming. You’re trying to build new habits and don’t want to scare yourself off!

  • Prepare your own! Sourcing ingredients for food and drink is far cheaper than buying drinks out and getting takeaways – and saves alllll that plastic, too
  • Make your own! Crafting and DIY to create re-usable items like mop pads, makeup pads, washing up cloths will save money
  • Use your bottle! Plastic bottled water is expensive and unnecessary! You will save money by drinking tap water – and many cafes / restaurants are happy to refill your bottle
  • It’s in the bag! Most of us will have random tote bags lying about. Always carry one or two with you – and you’re sorted if you end up buying anything when you’re out!
  • Switch it off! Be conscious of turning off lights and appliances (and even the hot water) when they’re not in use
  • Look up 100% green energy providers as it’s another myth that they are more expensive 😉
  • Fix it! We live in a disposable society so let’s try to battle against that by not only attempting to fix broken items, but buying ones that are less likely to break / have replaceable parts 🙂

Great sites to check out:

25 Surprising Ways to Save Money by Going Green

Make your own mop pads

Fairy Verdict:

“It’s sometimes understandable to think that being green and plastic free involves buying all new storage and equipment, or that your cupboards need to look “Instagramable”. This can be off putting and costly.

However, it’s much easier and more environmentally friendly to do it on a budget. Start with what you have, it’s better to reuse the plastic containers you already have than throw them away and buy a steel lunchbox. The mismatched cutlery hiding at the back of the drawer is great popped in bag (or napkin) to take out and about. The old t-shirts that were going in the bin can be cut into squares (hemmed or un-hemmed) and used instead of kitchen roll. And not forgetting the amazing glass jar – these can be reused as storage, to drink from, even as a cocktail shaker!

Personally it’s been a journey, I definitely wanted to buy new, pretty plastic-free things earlier on (and I still do when I can’t come up with an alternative), however now I ask myself first why I really want to buy it and can I reuse something. This is nothing new, previous generations would reuse and repair things as long as possible.”

– Verity, Wales UK

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