Green Book Fairies #20: Let’s Talk About… Energy Saving!

Today’s #GreenBookFairies are looking at saving energy when at home – which will not only be kinder to the environment, but save you money, too!

The problem:

Burning fossil fuels for electricity, heating, and transport releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, leading to rising sea levels, extreme weather, flooding, droughts and storms. It also pollutes the air, harming the environment and our health! Globally, the use of energy represents by far the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions from human activities.

The solutions:

  • Switch it off! When leaving a room, put out the light, then put out the light… extra points for getting that reference 😉 Switch off radiators in unused rooms, too
  • Unplug! Not using the toaster? Turned off the tv for the night? Switch them off at the plug, or unplug them
  • Change your light bulbs! Switching to low wattage LED lightbulbs will save energy and money in the long-run
  • Check your settings! Get familiar with your washing machine and it’s custom settings, including cold water but even setting your soiled settings and prewash and soak options to make sure even very dirty clothes get cleaned the most efficient way the first time!
  • Don’t waste heat! Use lids on your pans when cooking, and switch off the oven 10 mins early to let the residual heat finish the cooking. Aim to cook more than one meal at a time. 
  • Shower less! Make your showers shorter by switching off the water when applying shampoo and soap. Also try turning off the tap when brushing your teeth 🙂
  • Go green! Look at energy providers in your area to see who is greenest, and who might even pay you for unused energy put back into the system. Also! When you need to replace your thermostat, choose one that offers insights to help you reduce your energy. Try to put on an extra layer rather than turning on the heating – and look into insulating your home.
  • Buying something new? Look for the energy star logo when you need to replace your appliances, windows, doors, or furnace

Fairy verdict:

“When we think about going plastic free, it can be easy to forget other ways we can help the environment. Much of our energy is used in producing things, which is why it’s so important to refuse and reuse.”

– Verity, Wales

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