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Green Book Fairies #7: Let’s Talk About… Repurposing!

This is such a rich topic and everyone has great ideas about how to save things from the landfill – instead, giving them a new lease of life!

Let’s Talk About…. Repurposing!

Welcome to day 7 of #GreenBookFairies as part of #PlasticFreeJuly! Today we are talking about how to up-cycle those items which can no longer perform the job for which they were intended – let’s save as much as we can from landfill!

The problem:

We live in a world where new items are relatively cheap – when compared to paying for repairs. Items are also rarely made to last, so landfill is absolutely full of broken or defective items.

The solution:

Repurposing and upcycling! Here are some ideas for common items but please COMMENT with your ideas too! See our story on @bookfairiesworldwide for other ideas from fairies around the world.

  • Planting flowers and herbs! Old teapots, bottles, jars, boots and more can be used
  • Storage! Jars, candle glasses and other packaging can be reused to store things in the kitchen and bathroom
  • Organisation! Those tupperwares that have somehow lost their lids? Fit them into a drawer for easy organisation!
  • Creativity! It’s amazing what you can create from broken items – some crafty people use these items alone

Great websites to check out:

A great blog to read is My Repurposed Life: 

Upcycle That! is a site to help you with more ideas:

Book Fairy verdict:

“Repurposing is a great way of giving a second, third (or many more!) uses to something after it’s original purpose is over. It’s fun trying to think up other ways to use items – a little bit of creative thinking goes a long way! ”

– Shona, Glasgow

Do YOU have any upcycling/repurposing suggestions to make? Comment below!

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