Green Book Fairies #1: Let’s Talk about Teeth!

In support of “Plastic Free July” we are choosing to spend the month highlighting some incredible ways to look after our planet.

Welcome to the first day of the #greenbookfairies! As part of Plastic Free July we are sharing 31 ways to be more green. We hope that there are some nuggets you can pick up along the way.

green book fairies for plastic free july - teeth

One super simple way to reduce the plastic in your bathroom is to look at what you use to clean your teeth!

The problem:

A billion toothbrushes are discarded each year in the US alone, and because they are made up of plastic, nylon and rubber, they cannot be recycled. Most floss is made from nylon, which cannot biodegrade – and toothpaste tubes are rarely able to be recycled.

The solution:

Make the switch from a plastic toothbrush to a bamboo one! Bamboo is a natural, sustainable and ultimately compostable material. You can also switch to organic and biodegradable dental floss, packaged in paper materials! When it comes to toothpaste, there are many options from buying it in glass jars, to switching to tabs or powder :)For extra bonus points, keep an eye out for a toothbrush that also has plant-based bristles, like Hydrophil produces.

Where to get this:

You can find many of these items at zero-waste or craft shops, or websites such as &keep (UK) and Life Without Plastic (US) – or have a google of ‘bamboo toothbrush’ etc and find an eco-friendly online shop in your country. You can even find bamboo toothbrushes on very well-known online shopping websites 🙂

Top tip! 

Don’t throw your plastic one away! Give it a wash and pop it under the sink for when you need to clean in hard-to-reach areas 🙂 They can be used for years this way, just soak them in some boiling water when they get mucky.

Useful accounts to follow:

@oceanrebuild on instagram for understanding the effect of plastic on the sea; @hydrophil_intl on Facebook for all sorts of eco products and ideas.

Book Fairy verdict:

“The tooth powder took me a little getting used to but now I wouldn’t go back – the pot lasts longer than a toothpaste tube, the flavours aren’t too strong and my teeth feel great using it. Plus no plastic!”

– Aimee, a book fairy in London UK
Green Book Fairies introduce homemade pet toothpaste in an effort to go plastic free

A recipe for homemade pet toothpaste:

Melted coconut oils and mixed with baking soda, then added a drop of oil of oregano (from what we found online a drop or two diluted is good, undiluted is bad) and a small sprinkle of cinnamon.

Do you have any extra tips for going eco with your dental hygiene? Comment below!

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