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Book Fairy Box Reveal: I Never Said I Loved You by Rhik Samadder

We are proud to reveal that the featured paperback in the July/August 2020 Book Fairy Box, our ninth edition, is I Never Said I Loved You by Rhik Samadder – on the week of it’s release!

‘Indecently entertaining… one of the most uplifting and eccentric memoirs I have ever read.’ Observer

‘Brutally honest and relentlessly funny.’
Adam Kay, author of ‘This is Going to Hurt’

‘A brilliant memoir full of gasp-inducing honesty about depression and family and taking control of your own pain. Funny, sad, hopeful, I Never Said I Loved You is an irresistible, strangely empowering read.’ Matt Haig

‘This mind-blowingly wonderful memoir had me convulsing with laughter even while my heart was breaking. It’s utterly effing BEAUTIFUL.’ Marian Keyes

‘I found myself blindsided by this extraordinary book … I was deeply moved by its capacity both to depict pain, and offer consolation. I loved it, and won’t ever forget it.‘ Sarah Perry

Both touching and funny’ the Telegraph

About the book:

On an unlikely backpacking trip, Rhik and his mother find themselves speaking openly for the first time in years. Afterwards, the depression that has weighed down on Rhik begins to loosen its grip for a moment – so he seizes the opportunity: to own it, to understand it, and to find out where it came from.

Through this begins a journey of investigation, healing and recovery. Along the way Rhik learns some shocking truths about his family, and realizes that, in turn, he will need to confront the secrets he has long buried. But through this, he triumphs over his fears and brings his depression into the light.

I Never Said I Loved You is the story of how Rhik learned to let go, and then keep going. With unique humour and honesty, he has created a powerfully rich, funny and poignant exploration of the light and dark in all of us.

A vital, moving and darkly funny memoir by a powerful new voice in non-fiction.

‘Both unputdownable and beautifully-written, bracing and consoling. A book that tackles mental health and the darkest things with razor-sharp wit and mordant laughs aplenty … read this.’ Sharlene Teo

Touching, funny, wildly readable … Look out for it.’ Sathnam Sanghera

‘It’s honest and funny (and beautifully painful and brutal at times), but also – oh goodness – it’s so elegant. The writing is graceful and kind, even when it hurts a little to remember it’s a memoir.’ Joanna Cannon

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Waterstones says:

Columnist and actor Rhik Samadder’s unblinking archaeological dig into his own troubled past is a masterpiece of self-exploration that offers fresh insights into living with depression. ‘Samadder is a stubborn talent and a gifted storyteller’, writes the Sunday Times, ‘I Never Said I Love You is one of the most electric, enchanting, engrossing and energising memoirs of self-harm, self-loathing, grief, eating disorders, suicide – and sex – that you will read.’ We wholeheartedly agree.

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