Indie Book Fairy Day: Exciting News!

It’s #IndieBookFairies Day on the 16th July and we have some exciting news with you.

Indie author and Book Fairy friend Faiz Kermani has written a fantastic new book; The Toad from Outer Space!

The Toad from Outer Space by Faiz Kermani, illustrated by Korey Scott is available to download now and will be FREE to download on #IndieBookFairies day. What’s more, Faiz and Korey have created a colouring book so you can join in the fun and colour your favourite characters from the book.

Free Colouring Book!

Download the colouring book right here from the book fairy website. Share your fun creations online with us using #IndieBookFairies

Copies of the book will be winging their magical way to Book Fairies all over the land soon – so keep your eyes peeled!

About author Faiz Kermani

Away from his serious scientific day job, in his free time, Faiz loves writing children’s books that have funny themes. His books have won awards in the US and UK and have been translated into French, German, Spanish and Russian. He is also involved in various literacy projects with schools and non-profit work with healthcare charities.

Through his books Faiz supports the World Medical Fund. You can see more about Faiz on his website: and on instagram: frogzy007

About illustrator Korey Scott

Korey is an illustrator who specialises in children’s books, educational material, and funny characters/cartoons. You can contact Korey by email at korey_scott [AT] or view his work at Korey Scott Illustration – YouTube.

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