fairy book swap copy of the giver of stars sent to a new book fairy

The Giver of Stars: A Fairy Book Swap Story

A book fairy in Massachusetts shares her experience of the “Fairy Book Swap” and some of the magic behind it!

This copy of The Giver of Stars was sent from a book fairy in Maine, to this book fairy in Massachusetts – and now, it’s been sent again to a book fairy in Indiana! All through the Fairy Book Swap 🙂

What is the Fairy Book Swap?

The Fairy Book Swap is an initiative started as a result of the Covid 19 lockdown around the world, and part of our #bookfairiesinisolation efforts to keep the world reading during a tricky time. We weren’t able to hide books in public, so we switched it round, asking for offers of books from generous souls who were happy to mail books to fairies in need! It’s currently still going, and is run on the @bookfairiesworldwide instagram page every Friday.

My experience of the Fairy Book Swap, by Maggie

First of all I love what you guys do in general, but even more so in these pandemic times. Getting some human contact from strangers through book sharing is really special. 

I received The Giver of Stars by Jojo Moyes, an author I have never read. It was adorably packaged with a teabag and a beautiful postcard with a note from the sender. “Hi Maggie, I loved this book – I learned so much about the Packhorse Library during the WPA era. Would love to hear what you think. Enjoy! Find me at Minerva’s Messenger on Instagram:) “

I read the book in one sitting over the Fourth of July weekend. I messaged Minerva’s Messenger on Instagram about it when I finished. I’m attaching screenshots because it was a really great conversation. The book was a captivating read because of the main topic. I found areas of the plot to be a little obvious,m but breezed through because it still carried along well. What I mainly took from the book was information about a piece of history I had never learned about!!

This book inspired both of us (sender and myself) to do research on these historical women and shed light on some badass ladies of the past. I think our conversation speaks really clearly to this point which is why I have shared it below. I asked Minerva’s Messenger for permission before sharing.

It is such an important time for women to be empowering other women!! Being part of a chain of women sharing a book that sheds light on a powerful group of historically impactful and strong women- I mean, what can I truly say about that. Hell. Freaking. Yes. 

Packaged up and ready to send to the next reader – in Indiana!

Thank you SO MUCH to Maggie for sharing this wonderful story and her thoughts on the book!

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