The Book Fairies announce a fourth Book Fairy Treasure event!

Will you be hiding treats next weekend?

The Book Fairies are getting ready for our FOURTH treasure hunt! Repost this pic if you’re planning to get involved ☠

This is one of the events that was shifted later on the book fairy calendar due to various factors 💚

What is Book Fairy Treasure?

It’s a worldwide attempt at a treasure hunt for book lovers. Have a look at all the activity from the last three years by using the hashtag #bookfairytreasure! 👑

How can you get involved?

Save up some books for book drops next weekend (29-30 August) and add a little extra magic. Maybe a pirate symbol, or a gold nugget, or simply post clues online so that people can try to find your treasure! You can even arrange a fun treasure hunt for kids in your local neighbourhood 🗝

This year will be a little different for some of you – so do what you feel comfortable with. If that means reading some books out loud on your online pages then that’s great too!

We will also be running some fun online treasure hunts so that more people than ever can be involved! Watch this space!

A little poem to get you started:

Treasure awaits for those that dare,
To take on an adventure that with we will share.
Books and envelopes left for you to find,
with clues for you solve and unwind.
Seekers and hunters please take a look,
for at the end of the trail there might wait a book,
Join us, join us, what a treasure to be won,
When you believe in book fairies it’s always such fun. 💰

Examples from previous years:

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