The Missing Pieces of Nancy Moon: A Book Fairy Review

The Book Fairies in the UK are excited to be getting out and about again, and The Missing Pieces of Nancy Moon is one of the first books we’re going to be hiding. Here is a book fairy review!

A Book Fairy review of The Missing Pieces of Nancy Moon:

I received this book after signing up to be a part of The Book Fairies’ campaign on publication day of The Missing Pieces of Nancy Moon

On opening the parcel and seeing the cover image for the first time I knew I just HAD to read this book.

Whilst I would not normally choose to read a book partially set in the 1960s it was sitting on my desk just calling out to be read. I am so pleased I took the time to sit and enjoy it. I enjoyed it immensely and I highly recommend.

This is a story told over two timelines – Flo in present day and Nancy from the 1960s. The author has paced the story perfectly.  I enjoyed the way the story focused on the dressmaking patterns and Flo re-created the dresses to help her on her quest.  The way in which the author describes the dresses and the locations is just magical.  I could picture every scene and given I was reading whilst we are in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic and unable to travel I felt I had travelled across Europe with Flo.

I understand this is the author, Sarah Steeleā€™s debut novel and it is easy to see how much she loves dressmaking and I look forward to reading more. This book has opened up a whole new genre of novels I previously would not have considered reading and I an extremely thankful for that. Thank you Sarah Steele.

Wow! What a great review! Will YOU be reading this novel when it’s out?

About the book:

To unravel that long-lost summer, she had to follow the thread… Florence Connelly is broken hearted. Her marriage has collapsed under the weight of the loss she shares with her husband, and her beloved grandmother has just died.

Even the joy she found in dressmaking is gone. But things change when Flo opens a box of vintage 1960s dress patterns found inside her grandmother’s wardrobe.

Inside each pattern packet is a fabric swatch, a postcard from Europe and a photograph of a mysterious young woman, Nancy Moon, wearing the hand-made dress. Flo discovers that Nancy was a distant relation who took the boat train to Paris in 1962 and never returned.

With no one to stay home for, Flo decides to follow Nancy’s thread.

She unravels an untold story of love and loss in her family’s past. And begins to stitch the pieces of her own life back together.

Grab your copy of Sarah Steele’s first novel

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One thought on “The Missing Pieces of Nancy Moon: A Book Fairy Review

  1. Cynthia Greaves says:

    I absolutely loved everything about this book. But at the end I was still unsure of the somewhat tangled relationships of the characters.

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