Book Fairy Fundraising: our community in Uganda needs your help!

We are raising money to repair the roof in time for the rainy season, so that the community can continue to use the library as a place to find helpful information and guidance during the pandemic.

Raising money to repair the roof:

The Book Fairies helped with the opening of the KDCO community library in Uganda very early in our history, summer 2017. We stocked the library with its first books and wall maps, then regularly provided books, which are used in local schools before being returned and sent out again. Since 2018 we have supported the employment of a live-in library assistant.

During this latest crisis of the pandemic, the library has stayed essential to this community, providing education around how to stay safe. They have started to safely re-open but have found the cracks in the ceiling to have worsened. The roof needs to be mended before the rain comes in mid-October.

Please donate through JustGiving:

If you can spare any amount at all, please do head to our JustGiving page to add to our grand total! The community has sourced local materials and are ready to start work once the builders can be paid.

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