BLM Book Fairies: a book review of Daughters of Nri by Reni K. Amayo

Our 10th choice for BLM Book Fairies is this wonderful fantasy novel from Reni K. Amayo!

A book fairy review:

Now this was different for a change! Reni K. Amayo’s “Daughters of Nri” is a fantasy novel rooted in African legends and mythology, which makes for a breath of fresh air and I enjoyed exploring a completely new world with a different setting. The descriptive talent of the author regularly made me want to look up images of Nigeria’s landscape as that is where the Kingdom of Nri is effectively situated on a map. Imagining myself walking through the forest along with Naala and her friends was an adventure in and of itself.

I had fun following the paths of Naala and Sinai respectively, learning about the past of the kingdom and its various gods, watching the girls grow through their experiences and into their destinies. I have to admit though that I still do not have a complete handle on what their personalities are like as for me, personally, some insight was missing at times and I would have liked to explore their thoughts a little deeper.

At the same time however, that very lack is one of the strong points of the book. The narrative style is very story driven rather than character driven or relying on action sequence after action sequence to keep the reader’s interest.

Considering the ending of this book, I am now curious to see how the story will continue in “Descendants of the First” and I’m hoping to gain a little more in-depth knowledge of the magic and the power the girls can wield, now that … well… you’ll have to read for yourself why I am curious.

By the way, the cover of the sequel is just as pretty as the cover of “Daughters of Nri”. Yes, the covers had to be mentioned because they are a work of art! I am often weary of too pretty covers so as not to be disappointed by what’s between the pages. This does not disappoint however! Sure, there are some points that could use a little polish but the story is absolutely worth reading and I am counting down the months until the sequel is published.

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