beth garrod's novel All I Want For Christmas hidden at Somerset House London by Book Fairies

All I Want For Christmas… is a book left by a book fairy!

Beth Garrod’s festive favourite All I Want For Christmas was hidden under Christmas trees and snowy settings up and down the UK!

The Book Fairies were so excited to hide copies of this winter warmer, finding decorated spaces at which to leave them for lucky finders! What a treat just in the lead up to Christmas!

About the book:

US-based Elle is a social-media influencer. But sometimes online attention isn’t all it seems from the outside; with a family who are constantly on the move, and so-called friends putting pressure on her to increase her following, she decides to swap places with one of her followers for the holidays.

Holly lives in a small village in England, and LOVES Christmas more than anything else. Nothing is going to get in the way of this year being the BEST Christmas ever . . . Nothing! But when her mum announces she’s selling their house, and love of her life Woody decides they should go on a “break”, her plans for the perfect Christmas start to crumble like overbaked gingerbread people.

Will swapping with Elle be Holly’s perfect opportunity to escape? And far from home, will they both find all they want for Christmas?

Lucky finders:

We love hearing from people who find a book hidden by a book fairy! Here are some of the lucky book finders who found All I Want For Christmas by Beth Garrod!

Not lucky enough to find one?

Do not worry! We have listed it on a great website that supports independent bookshops! Find All I Want For Christmas by Beth Garrod here.

Would you like to join the fun?

Anyone can be a book fairy! You can hide books in your local area and really cheer your neighbours up in lockdown! Grab your first set of stickers to get started – every order comes with a book fairy guide and free worldwide delivery!

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