Hiding in Idaho: Book Fairies hide copies of All Of This Is For You by Ruby Jones

All of this is for you… hidden by book fairies around the states!

The Book Fairies in the USA enjoyed hiding this treat for lucky finders!

A group of book fairies in the US found such incredible spots at which to hide this beautiful book! This is the book WE ALL NEED at the moment, full of gorgeous illustrations from Ruby Jones and thoughts such as…

“Stay up late.

Wake up early.

Pick flowers.

Watch the sky.




Eat Fresh Fruit.

Slow down.”

All of This is For You by Ruby Jones

We hope that the people who stumbled upon these books are excited to read it! You can click here to see all the instagram posts from book fairies on the day!

Hiding in Little Free Libraries around the states

So many incredible mini book shares have cropped up in the last year, in a wonderful desire to bring communities together where they can – through great stories! Book fairies in the states made the most of these wonderful book shares by leaving copies of All Of This Is For You inside libraries from New York City to Los Angeles! We love that these little libraries are now such an essential part of community spirit. Would you just LOOK at the Harry Potter one!!! It has a snowy roof and everything!!

‘I hope that on any given day, rain or shine, happy tears or painful ones, you can open this book and find a page that speaks to you.’

– Ruby Jones, illustrator

Some pages from this beautiful little book

We wanted to show a few of the beautiful pages from this book, so that readers can get an idea of how truly wonderful and life-affirming it is. We hope you like this sneak peek into the book!

About the book:

All of This is for You is balm for anyone feeling lost and detached from today’s confusing, hectic world. In her luminous four-color hand-lettered artwork and accompanying heartfelt notes, acclaimed illustrator Ruby Jones reminds us that even when times are tough, it remains important to be kind and gentle with ourselves and those around us.

Jones received worldwide recognition after she posted an illustration of two women–one of them a Muslim wearing a hijab–embracing after the 2019 Christchurch terrorist attacks. The image was accompanied by an extraordinary message of empathy and understanding: This is your home and you should have been safe here.

A beacon of hope and kindness, All of This is for You is for every one of us, because no matter the individual issue–whether it’s self-image, identity, depression, grief, or anxiety–we all struggle with challenges. Jones’s gentle illustrations and soothing insights are a breath of fresh air during tough times, and a reminder of humanity’s inherent and enduring goodness. This beautiful book is for sale now!

Not lucky enough to find one?

Do not panic! The book is out now. You can order a copy of this book from your local bookstore (honestly, just ask them to order it in!) to support small businesses. You can also find it on Bookshop.org, Book Depository and many other sites!

Would you like to be a book fairy?

We welcome anyone around the WORLD to join the book fairy mission and start hiding books in their local area – and on their travels! All you need is some official book fairy stickers, a pile of books (secondhand is encouraged!) and the desire to share some joy where you live. We cannot wait to see which books you choose to hide!

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