Hiding at a park in England - The Book Fairies hide Louise Gooding debut Just Like Me

Debut author Louise Gooding’s book Just Like Me launched by The Book Fairies!

Book fairies in the UK were simply DELIGHTED to launch Just Like Me into the world by hiding copies and hosting an online event!

The Book Fairies have been looking forward to this event for quite some time – the launch of Just Like Me from fellow book fairy Louise Gooding!

As the book is a celebration of neurologically and physically diverse people, book fairies sought out places that would fit! Many copies were left around Queen’s Square, outside the Neurology Department of Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, for example. Each copy had a book fairy sticker and was wrapped in ribbon, so it looks like a gift!

Books hiding in playgrounds!

Book fairies around the UK also headed to playgrounds and parks so that children might stumble upon this incredible book. Some primary schools were even lucky enough to get a copy – some were left outside and some were taken in by staff to hide inside the grounds! Were you lucky enough to find one?

About the book:

The world is full of people who are a little different in one way or another.
Our uniqueness is what makes us stand out and makes us who we are.
You can not judge someone on something you can see or even on the things you can not see.

We are all special. We are all unique. We are all ‘different; not less’.

A collection of true stories about inspiring people and famous figures from around the world, all who are physically or neurologically diverse.

Reflective of our diverse society, this anthology features figures including Simone Biles, Naoki Higashida, Temple Grandin, Warwick Davis, Sudha Chandran, Stephen Hawking and Frida Kahlo.

Lucky book finders!

We love hearing from people who find books hidden by book fairies! Here are a few that posted pics of their copies of Just Like Me by Louise Gooding!

Watch the book fairy launch for Louise Gooding’s Just Like Me!

Get your copy of Just Like Me by Louise Gooding:

Not lucky enough to find a copy? Do not panic! This gorgeous book is available from your local bookshop (just ask them to order it in!) as well here on Bookshop and Hive Books!

Would you like to be a book fairy?

Did you know that Louise was a book fairy before she was an author? She hides books in Switzerland with the help of her daughter! Be a book fairy like Louise and grab your official stickers today 🙂

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