The Book Fairies go on a journey with Emma Gannon’s Olive in North America!

Olive had quite a trip across the pond from her home in London, to be hidden as part of the paperback release in the US and Canada!

Olive started her journey in London…

Emma Gannon’s novel Olive is set in London, with the main character visiting her favourite spots throughout the city as her story develops. However, today we passed over to our American and Canadian friends to share paperback copies of the edition from Andrews McMeel Publishing! We hope the lucky finders enjoy their new read!

Olive explores the states…

We have heard reports from book fairies around the US that Olive was spotted sunning herself in California, scoffing ice cream in Cincinnati, nature walking in Idaho and skating in Central Park NYC…

… before making her way up to Canada!

Olive was spotted swinging in a beautiful basket from a tree in Toronto, as well as hanging out with some unusually clad friends before making her way down to the sunny beach.

About Olive by Emma Gannon:

The debut novel about the life-changing choices we make about careers, love, friendship, and motherhood from bestselling UK author Emma Gannon.

Olive is many things. Independent. Driven. Loyal. And a little bit adrift.

She’s okay with still figuring it all out, navigating her world without a compass. But life comes with expectations and big choices to be made. So when her best friends’ lives branch away towards marriage and motherhood, leaving the path they’ve always followed together, she starts to question her choices—because life according to Olive looks a little bit different.

Moving, memorable, and a mirror for anyone at a crossroads, OLIVE has a little bit of all of us. Told with humor and great warmth, this is a modern tale about the obstacle course of adulthood and the challenges of having—and deciding not to have—children.

A note from Emma Gannon herself!

“I so enjoyed watching Olive go on an adventure around North America from my home in London – it felt even more special considering we are not able to travel ourselves right now so I got to live vicariously through Olive! Thanks so much to the amazing Book Fairies team for giving the book a really magical launch stateside, and to anyone who found a copy, I hope you enjoy!”

– Emma Gannon, author of Olive

Not lucky enough to find a book?

Do not panic!!! The paperback is now available in Northern America here on (supporting indie bookstores!) and Barnes and Noble. In the UK, the hardback is available on

Would you like to be a book fairy?

Anyone can be a book fairy! All you need is a few books to hide (pre-loved is positively encouraged!), some official book fairy stickers, and the desire to share some magic where you live! Trust us, it’ll change your life!!!

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