Beautifully wrapped books - Book fairies around the states hide Be Wild Be Free by Amber Fossey

Be Wild Be Free… Book Fairies in the U.S.A. set free some beautiful books in the wild!

Book fairies up and down the states had the opportunity to share this beautifully illustrated book for adults all around, near stunning murals, in Little Free Libraries, as well as at some recognisable spots!

From New York to California…

The book fairies of the USA were proud to hide this stunning book all around the states on this beautiful, sunny Monday! We hope the finders are thrilled with their new books.

This book is not for kids and the fairies added little tags to make this clear (often after the beautiful pics were taken)! It’s a book all adults need at the moment, bringing some joy and hope and fun into your home!

About the book:

Adults need picture books, too. Through a mash-up of poetry, comic fiction and whimsical watercolor illustrations, Be Wild Be Free looks at life through the eyes of Sloth, Bear, Koala, and even Blob Fish, telling the stories of the raw beauty of life on our planet, encouraging us to let go of fear, stick our fingers/paws up at societal pressure, and accept our beautifully flawed bodies and minds to empower us to love ourselves and one another with abandon. Do you hear the beasts scratching at your door?

Book finders!

We love hearing from people who find the books we hide! These two lucky finders stumbled upon a copy of Be Wild Be Free at a medical center in Connecticut! Check out that sweatshirt – how perfect! Maybe if everyone wore a sweatshirt saying BELIEVE then they would find a book left by a book fairy 😉

Book found in Connecticut - Book fairies around the states hide Be Wild Be Free by Amber Fossey

Where to find the book:

All the books have now been hidden, you can see the full collection of pics and locations here! You never know, they might pop up again once they’ve been read, but you can also ask your local bookstore to order one in – it’s great to support local businesses!

Would YOU like to be a book fairy?

We would love for you to become a book fairy, joining thousands of magical beings who hide books all around the world! To get started, grab your first set of official book fairy stickers – every order comes with free worldwide delivery AND a mini book fairy guide to help you when you start! We cannot wait to see where you hide your books.

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