Hiding in a tree - Book Fairies hide copies of Red Riding Hood by Beatrix Potter and Helen Oxenbury

Red Riding Hood explores the UK with The Book Fairies!

This classic fairy tale, retold by Beatrix Potter with illustrations by Helen Oxenbury, was hidden all around the UK by The Book Fairies!

The Book Fairies loved finding beautiful spots at which to leave shiny copies of Red Riding Hood

About the book:

“Once upon a time there was a village child who was so pretty – so pretty as never was seen . . .”

So begins Beatrix Potter’s retelling of Red Riding Hood. Filled with the delicious darkness of the original classic fairy tale – and some trademark Potter wit and flourishes – this book is brilliantly brought to life with artwork by one of the world’s greatest illustrators, Helen Oxenbury.

Book fairies sought out beautiful areas of nature, locations relating to animals and secluded woodland spots at which to hide these gorgeous books!

Get your copy:

Grab a copy of this wonderful book here from Bookshop.org or here from Hive Books – OR ask your local bookseller to order you a copy (they usually come in the very next day!).

Would you like to be a book fairy?

Anyone can join The Book Fairies! All you need are some books you’d like to hide in your local area, some official book fairy stickers, and the desire to make others happy!! Start your journey today. Everything in the book fairy shop comes with a mini book fairy guide AND free worldwide delivery!

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