In a London park - Book Fairies hid copies of Naomi Ishiguro's Common Ground

The Book Fairies hide copies of Common Ground at spots featured in the book

Naomi Ishiguro’s second novel, Common Ground, was celebrated by book fairies around the UK and in particular – specific locations in London where Charlie and Stan spent time in the novel.

Heading out in the sunshine!

“Finally today it was starting to feel like Spring… there was birdsong in the trees again and daffodils springing up everywhere”

Common Ground

Book fairies up and down the UK found such beautiful parks and gardens at which to hide copies of Common Ground and celebrate Stan and Charlie’s story. It’s unusual to have a novel that really celebrates friendship and the fairies were excited to show this one off!

Following the plot around London

“You taught me to value the history of places… to make the effort to find out what happened in them long before we all came along”

Common Ground

The Book Fairies in London had fun following the story as Stan and Charlie travelled around London, whether it was a walk through their local parks or down to the nearest boozer for a liquid lunch!

Stan and Charlie go to the boozer

“Liquid dinner. Come on. It’ll be great to see you, Stan. It’s been a lifetime…”

Common Ground

Pubs feature heavily in this book so it only made sense to find some at which to leave Common Ground!

About the book:

From the acclaimed author of the story collection Escape Routes comes a timely, bittersweet and beautifully observed coming of age story about a friendship that defines two lives, and about the value of loyalty in a divided world.

It’s a lonely life for Stan, at a new school that feels more ordeal than fresh start, and at home where he and his mother struggle to break the silence after his father’s death. When he encounters fearless, clever Charlie on the local common, all of that begins to change. Charlie’s curiosity is infectious, and it is Charlie who teaches Stan, for the first time, to stand on his own two feet. But will their unit of two be strong enough to endure in a world that offers these boys such different prospects?

The pair part ways, until their paths cross once again, as adults at a London party. Now Stan is revelling in all that the city has to offer, while Charlie seems to have hit a brick wall. He needs Stan’s help, and above all his friendship, but is Stan really there for the man who once showed him the meaning of loyalty?

Some lucky finders!

We love hearing from people who stumble upon books hidden by book fairies! Here are just a few who found Common Ground!

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