Hold Still with The Book Fairies and HRH The Duchess of Cambridge

Here are some of our favourite pics from the HSBookFairies event!

This lucky postal worker found a copy and we couldn’t be happier! So grateful to Royal Mail!
We saw so many books hidden at NHS hospitals and surgeries as a thank you to keyworkers
These are the beautiful items that came with every copy of Hold Still that The Book Fairies hid.

Above you can see what came with every book: one special edition gold sticker on the front cover, a book fairy insert, a book fairy guide with two official book fairy stickers so that they can become book fairies themselves, a book fairy library card sticker, and of course the note from HRH The Duchess of Cambridge.

Some happy finders and their teacher in Edinburgh!!!
A copy was left at the Memorial Wall on the Southbank

One of the book fairies visited the Memorial Wall on the Southbank Centre, which has been adorned in the last year with red hearts, with people invited to write names of those who have lost their lives to the pandemic. There was a delighted book finder just minutes later!

One of the contributors to the book hid this copy and took a pic of their mini helper!
Another star of Hold Still turned book fairy for the day to hide their copy!
Another contributor to the Hold Still book dressed up as a FAIRY to hide their copy!
Another mini book fairy joined in with the HSBookFairies fun!
Hold Still waiting near some beautiful blossoms!

You can see the instagram collection here: https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/hsbookfairies/

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