The Kindness Revolution Allen and Unwin and The Book Fairies of Australia

The Book Fairies join The Kindness Revolution, leaving copies around Australia

Our Australian book fairies got out there once again, this time to hide the perfectly titled The Kindness Revolution by Hugh Mackay…

Preparing our acts of kindness

What a beautiful book for our Aussie book fairies to hide! From coast to coast, book fairies were lucky enough to have the task of finding the perfect spots at which to hide The Kindness Project. As what we do is perform little acts of kindness every day, this book is just perfect.

Some of our book fairies experienced rain on the day, but in true book fairy style they did not panic! We know how to find sheltered spots to protect the books – and this is exactly what they did on the day.

About the book:

Revolutions never start at the top. If we dare to dream of a more loving country – kinder, more compassionate, more cooperative, more respectful, more inclusive, more egalitarian, more harmonious, less cynical – there’s only one way to start turning that dream into a reality: each of us must live as if this is already that country.

Following the ravages of 2020’s bushfires and pandemic on our mental and emotional health and on the economy, Hugh Mackay reflects on the challenges we faced during that year of upheaval and the questions many of us have asked. What really matters to me? Am I living the kind of life I want? What sort of society do I want us to become?

Urging us not to let those questions go, and pointing to our inspiring displays of kindness and consideration, our shared responsibility for the common good and our heightened appreciation of the value of local neighbourhoods and communities, he asks in turn: ‘Could we become renowned as a loving country, rather than simply a “lucky” one?’

Not lucky enough to find a copy?

Do not worry! Bookshops are open and ready for you to head in and ask about this book.

Alternatively, you can head to the publisher’s website to order your copy!

Would you like to join The Book Fairies?

It’s so so much fun hiding books around your local neighbourhood! Did you know that the books hidden are usually preloved ones? Grab your stickers today to get started where you live, and hide books there and on your travels! Every order comes with free shipping and a book fairy guide!

In Queens Park Perth - The Book Fairies in Australia hide copies of The Kindness Revolution

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