The Book Fairies travel with Oliver the dog around the states!

It was a treat for our book fairies in the US to spend the day with Oliver, helping him find new friends!

The Book… Furries!

Here are just a few of the little mutts who helped book fairies hide copies of Oliver to celebrate his story of loss and love!

Book Fairies love Little Free Libraries!

Book fairies look high and low for lovely little libraries in their communities – these are absolute essentials for so many people needing a good read. One fairy even found a DOG THEMED LITTLE FREE LIBRARY and how perfect for a copy of Oliver! Find your local little free library at this link here 🙂

Book fairies visited pet stores!

No pet store was safe with The Book Fairies hiding copies of Oliver! They headed to their local small and large stores to hide books outside for lucky finders! We hope that those who discovered an unexpected book on their trip really enjoys reading all about Oliver and his incredible and inspiring story.

About the book:

He Was Searching for a Lost Dog. He Found More Than He’d Ever Hoped For.

On Valentine’s Day 2019, someone stole Steven Carino’s dog, Oliver, from his car. Having lost his mother at thirteen and grown up with an alcoholic father, he could always count on his dogs for comfort and company. But now, with his beloved Oliver missing, Steven felt utterly alone.

Then, the miracle. In a series of near-impossible coincidences, people from different walks of life crossed paths with Oliver and with Steven. Hardworking immigrants, wealthy suburbanites, car mechanics, deli workers, old friends, close relatives, street cops, gang members, a TV news reporter, social media followers around the world, and one very gifted hairdresser all played a part in Steven’s desperate journey to find Oliver. In the middle of it all, Steven realized that no one is ever truly alone–and that the power of community can be life-changing.

Oliver is not just a book about a stolen dog. At its core, it’s a story about kindness, friendship, and the power of faith. As Steven says, “This is more than just a dog story. This is an everybody story. This is a love story.”

Oliver visited dog parks, too!

Oliver couldn’t resist running around as many dog parks as book fairies could take him to, and wow, all around the states too!

A lucky finder of Oliver!

We LOVE hearing from finders of the books we hide around the world. This person in California was lucky enough to stumble upon a copy and they shared their pic on instagram!

If YOU have found a book, please post a pic with #ibelieveinbookfairies so we can share!

Not lucky enough to find a copy?

Do not fear! Bookstores are open and you can find copies there – or if not, ask them to order one in for you! Alternatively you can pick up a copy directly from the publishers here.

Would you like to be a book fairy?

Did you know that ANYONE can be a book fairy? Just grab some official book fairy stickers and get a pile of books together to hide in your neighbourhood or on your travels. Pre-loved books are brilliant, too!

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