Aziza and the Fairy Door hidden by Book Fairies - in a field

Book Fairies seek out Fairy Doors for brand new children’s book from Lola Morayo and Cory Reid

The Book Fairies barely had to leave their front door to hide copies of Aziza’s Secret Fairy Door! It was a magical experience to see all the fairy doors popping up around the UK.

Open the door to a world of magic and adventure…

The Book Fairies had the chance to discover AND plant many fairy doors today, while celebrating the new novel Aziza’s Secret Fairy Door! What a fun little book for a child to find!

About the book:

Unicorns, princesses, naughty fairies and mischievous shapeshifters populate this magic-filled story of Aziza and an exciting birthday present that leads her to a fairy land.

Aziza’s Secret Fairy Door is the first title in an inclusive magical adventure series, perfect for readers of 6-8 from debut author Lola Morayo. It is inspired by world mythology and is gorgeously illustrated in black and white throughout by Cory Reid.

A mysterious gift arrives on Aziza’s birthday. It is a secret fairy door that will whisk her away to Shimmerton, a magical world with princesses, naughty fairies, shapeshifters, unicorn shopkeepers and mischief around every corner. But when the precious jewelled doorknob is taken, Aziza is trapped. Will she ever see her home and family again? Maybe her new friends, Peri and Tiko, can help …

Get your hands on a copy!

This book is OUT NOW so ask in your local bookshop to see if they have a copy (or they can order one in) as it’s such a special book. Alternatively, head to these websites that support bookshops – Aziza’s Secret Fairy Door can be found on and here on Hive Books.

Would you like to be a book fairy?

Anyone can join in and be a book fairy by sharing books where they live! Maybe you’re already a book fairy, running a little library or sharing your favourite books with friends? Did you know that children make GREAT book fairies? Join in today!

Some more great pics from the event!

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